Elephant, or: Future

  • Ya (Arabic: يا), O; hey; you; vocative particle preceding a noun used in direct address
  • Elephant (English): a mammal and the largest existing land animal, very conspicuous

Ya-elephant, wherefore this room?
A poem, then, or-- p'raps too soon?
No job in sight; the crush of debt;
Ya-elephant doth sit and fret,

      And yet...

      Ya-elephant, wherefore such pain?
      It's doubt that's in her way again
      Ya-elephant cannot forget
      Mistakes of old; in those she's set

And yet...

Ya-elephant, wherefore worry?
Such soul; such heart; why can't she see?
Now looms that leering silhouette-
He calls- but she must not abet...

      And yet...

      Anxiety, a stubborn beau-
      He's one Ya-elephant well knows-
      He beckons dance their old duet;
      Join me- we'll earn the prized rosette...


She's dancing, twirling 'round the room
      Alone but for her grinning groom
Squinting through heavy rising brume
      High ballroom walls like fated tomb
Her happiness- was she predoomed?
      She twirls- She gasps- You dared presume!
Lets loose long locks- It... It... was you!
      A silver flash by moon illumed-
A hack- a heave- dark dribbling grume-
      For whom this tomb? Indeed- 

            for whom?

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