Yevgenia, or: Shaindel

Perhaps if she'd been born today, she might have lived past twenty-eight;
but she came forth into Ukraine under benighted Soviet reign.
'Twas sweetness streaming through her veins that caused her heart such strain;
in infancy 'twas not repaired, and so it wrought her pain.

Her family sensed 'twas in vain but lived in hope and prayer;
for all that joy she'd radiate, her heart could not contain.
Though dint of chance her health betrayed, Yevgenia prized each day;
she lived and loved; learned, worked and played; refused to be contained.

A red-haired angel full of care, 'twas never friend so dear and rare;
but came that day, took her away, leaving behind despair.
Fam'ly and friends still do remain, our hearts left torn in twain;
that yonderday-- forever stays, though fate rejects delay.

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