Snow job, or: The business

We are all experts
 varying only in the quality 
  of our respective armchairs
   ranging from plush to ragged
 ragging on one another
  veins pulsing in our necks
   arms wrestling with our
    keyboards, elbows slipping

We are all key witnesses 
 taking the stand today, certain
  of all humankind's equality
   sure, too, that we are the most so
 so much foolish, groundless vanity
  but not in vain, it seems
   do we take strong stands, for thus
    we disarm slipping defenses

We are all utmost authorities
 on defense, religion, politics
  slipping strong opinions in with
   our tones of grounded certainty
 certainly, to become President 
  just finger the pulses of fools
   your fingers on the keys
    and- type at break neck pace

Well, that's the precedent
 Disrespect intended

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