There, or: Here?


  Some day, 
 I'll die, 
and this,

 will be 
my parting kiss
          to those alive, 
        to those not yet,
          to fulfilled hopes,
        to worn regrets;

  and you,
 I think,
will live

 you've yet
so much to give
          to dearest friends,
        to family,
          to unmet dreams,
        to memories


  and then,
 a day
will come -

  your time
 to part
for Where all's from
          to the Unknown
        to Where there is no time,
          no rhyme, 
          no yours and mine,
        to Where all goes, but no one knows
        'til he's arrived


It's all a mess here;
There? Who knows? Where
where can be described in tastes and colors
sensations -
that's not There. Where
where can be conveyed in lines and stanzas
images -
that's not There. Where
where can be perceived by mind and senses
faculties -
that's not There. Where -

Where indeed?  

IV. There once was a great rabbi who taught that the Place can only be described in the negative because He would otherwise be limited. In Jewish tradition, those who are mourning their loved ones are told: May the Place comfort you among the rest of the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem –

Where indeed?

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