Thought, or: Language

Thoughts are rolling 'round
My mind on language wheels and carousels
Building momentum
From the spin and leaping off
Into the air
Grabbing ahold of trapeze words
Hanging from lines of lexicon

On and on they spring and swing
Tumbling free 
Through whispering breeze
Then catching bows of gossiping trees 
Who mock as they are wont to do 
The argot of the rhyming bees
Who buzz so, flitting busily

Perchance parlance 
Sticks well enough, but
Comes a thought that finds no words 
In spin no words 
In flight no words 
In wind no words 
Within no words

And so such thought is never heard 
Nor ever seen 
Hopelessly dropping endlessly 
Clutching grabbing desperately 
For term unknown forever 
Cursing wordlessly
My untold limitations

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