16 thoughts on “Aquarium, or: Not”

  1. β€œGliding through the shipwreck within”

    β€” I love this, Ben! It spoke to me, cranium to cranium.🌻

  2. Like Wild Pomegranate Ben this also spoke to me. The touch of EAP (Edgar Alan Poe) in the first line was good. Sounds like your neurons were having a whale of a time, And you’ve got a small cranium. Good to know

  3. Now I’m reading aloud (well in a whisper, everyone’s sleeping here)… loving this poem’s sounds. And the link brought me to another beauty, and to your about page, which was great (and I am unable to comment from the front-end of WP blogs for some glitch reason, so I comment here). :))

      1. My wee guy had a nightmare (from watching wreck-it ralph earlier!) and came to sleep in my bed, then I couldn’t get back to sleep, figured it was morning (no clock in the room), and here I am at 02:48. Ayayay…. WP rehab, WP rehab, I need a WP rehab. Perhabs. ;))

      2. how wee is your wee guy? my five-year-old watched Moana before bed last night, and she was shattered by the grandmother’s sudden and rather unexpected death scene.

      3. Ooooh, Moana… I still have to see that!! He’s 8 and not afraid of much… but he also has a cold so maybe that’s partly it. Have you seen Coco? Maybe my fave disney movie of all time now!! Reminded me of my mom for some reason. She was very musical and a poco loco (in a good way). :))

      4. one of my best friends has recommended that to me on more than one occasion… the problem is that my daughter likes rewatching the movies she sees millions of times so we don’t get to watch new movies with her as often as I’d like.

        Yesterday, that same friend of mine recommended that I watch Coco on my own, given these circumstances, and I was going to watch it on my own last night, but I feel asleep from exhaustion and slept right through the night.

        Perhaps tonight instead πŸ˜€

      5. Yes five is that age for sure! I remember those times… could wait till she is ready, or the universe/god will decide… :)) maybe tonight. πŸ˜„

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