Be for, or: After words

Be for, the girl had once been taught, 
          against's but indolence.
Still, after words, doomed battles fought, 
          she led the dissidents.

H/T @Lia

26 thoughts on “Be for, or: After words”

    1. thanks!

      what do you mean by ‘at’?

      OH – I just realized what you meant – no, that’s not a function of WordPress – I just created a link and put an @ in front of her name.

  1. This is a super clever poem that ties my brain in thoughtful loops. Thank you so very much for the amazing shout out ben. I feel honoured that any part of my poem could inspire this brilliance! 🙌🙏

  2. Ben, I pondered on this poem for about 5 minutes, but not sure my interpretation is right. I love such works that make me think.

    1. It’s really just a play on words, as you can tell.

      As a child, the woman was taught to take a stand for her values and convictions, rather than naysaying other people’s positions, which would have been lazy and undignified… but then, later in life, she came to be anything other than lazy, as the leader of a dissident group, which presumably fights back against an oppressive regime… so her later self, very ironically, proved her childhood lessons false by actively being “against” something / someone in a way that was presumably meaningful and anything but lazy.

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