Insane antisemitism

I shouldn’t.

* * *

There are lots of things I enjoy writing about, and antisemitism isn’t one of them… not only because it’s offensive to me, but also because it’s been so foolishly baseless and unchanging at its core throughout the centuries. I find it inane and insulting to my intelligence, but its existence informs my identity; there will always be a risk for me in being true to myself in a public forum.

Actually, I’ve experienced very little antisemitism in my personal life (although it did, of course, color the lives of my parents and grandparents in the USSR).

When I was in fourth or fifth grade, a Turkish boy who had moved to my hometown in central NJ from New Orleans expressed surprise upon learning that I, his new friend, was a Jew. “Where are your horns?” he asked innocently. I was shocked and quite amused, but I wasn’t at all offended, particularly because it was such an absurd idea. Besides, we were living in a region of the United States with a very large Jewish population. The two of us remained friends, and I made fun of him over this incident for years afterwards.

Once, when I was in… eighth or ninth grade, perhaps, a boy of Italian descent standing in front of me in the dessert line at the cafeteria sneered at me, “You’re a Jew, right?” I could tell that his tone was hostile, but he was utterly irrelevant to me and not somebody that I had any regular interaction with (we took different levels of classes). “Yes, I am,” I replied simply, looking him directly in the eyes. The boy smirked rudely and turned away from me – and that was the extent of our exchange.

The last time I can recall possibly having faced mild antisemitism was at a convenience store in Cleveland, OH. A burly African American walked in after me, and, as I was leaving, called out loudly, “Shalom!” Now, this could have been nothing more than an overly familiar form of well-intentioned friendliness, but given his volume and swagger, his abrupt exclamation felt off-putting. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I responded gently, “Shalom to you too,” as I walked out the door.

As a college student, I also recall a couple of instances in which Christians approached me, intending to convert me, but I don’t consider such efforts to be antisemitic.

* * *

I don’t think about antisemitism on a daily or weekly basis, but it does become relevant whenever I make plans to travel outside of Israel because I look very much like a stereotypical Jew with my beard and large yarmulke. I am very proudly Jewish, and I deliberately look the part because looking otherwise feels fake, as if I am attempting to blend in with gentiles. This is how I’ve felt ever since my university years.

A few years ago, we traveled to Switzerland with our daughter, and that was the first time that I ever hesitated upon considering my appearance in a foreign country. Usually, there’s no calculus for me; I’m deliberately visibly Jewish wherever I happen to be, regardless of how others may feel about it. However, traveling to Europe with our then two-year-old, I worried that she could be adversely affected by antisemitism, should it be directed at me. On that particular occasion, I ultimately decided not to hide my identity, even in the company of our toddler, but I may yet decide differently on future family vacations.

Regardless of my decision, I was quite aware of the many looks I got during our stay in Switzerland. People would notice my headpiece and then their gazes would slide down to my face before traveling over to my wife and daughter, neither of whom looked identifiably Jewish. The great majority of such looks were curious, but some were distinctly awkward, and some were distrustful or even unfriendly.

Anyway, that’s life. Antisemitism exists, and it isn’t going anywhere.

As I said, I don’t think too much about it, unless I happen unexpectedly upon it.

* * *

Since launching my blog on WordPress, I’ve searched for likeminded bloggers. I’m interested in poetry, creative writing, humor, parenting, and Jewishly themed websites. It’s been very enjoyable to connect with other writers from around the world.

The other day, I was browsing for Jewishly themed blogs, and I came across a blog, entirely dedicated to antisemitism. Normally, I would simply ignore such a thing, but the author’s delusions drew me in. I couldn’t tear myself away from it.

Firstly, the blog is well written, and it’s clearly written by a very articulate person. After some Internet searching, I also uncovered the author’s corresponding YouTube channel and found a well researched and well formatted video, highlighting many old news accounts, which suggest that Adolf Hitler was a Jew. I also found comments of his on other websites, clearly stating the Jews should be exterminated.

Secondly, the blog is extensive – both in the amount of content and in the insanity of its claims. This is why I am so disturbed. How obsessed must somebody be to write so much about nothing but hatred of others? As a writer, I know it takes effort to produce readable, appealing content… and I can only imagine how many hours of thinking and writing that went into this antisemitism project.

The author, according to his introductory blog post, was banned from Blogger, after a year of activity. He moved his blog over to WordPress, just recently, in mid-September. His explanation:

My previous blog had been active for little more than a year when the Jews deleted it. I didn’t expect it to go down so quickly, but was also not very surprised when it did. The Jews are definitely scared of something, and my blog’s removal is another sign that my writing was doing the right thing.

Then he goes on:

As this site’s description states, this blog was “Created by contempt and intolerance for Jewish corruption. All instances of poverty, language debasement, licentiousness, self-interestedness, dysgenics, drugs, diseases, atheism (in the popular sense), hero-worshiping, fratricide, polygamy, prostitution, incest, homosexuality, sodomy, bestiality, miscegenation, circumcision, criminality, usury, idleness, dishonesty, arrogance, stupidity, rebelliousness, and all other forms of degeneration and corruption can be traced back to the Jews.”


All positions of power and influence in the planet are controlled by Jews. Even if they were smart, no one has been able to refute the claim that the vilest, most morally dearth people in the world belong to the Jewish tribe, and that is most likely the only claim to superiority the Jews can truthfully make. The Jews are continually bragging of their success to the masses, and the truth is for you to see.


Not one Jew on Earth can be trusted. If you do trust even one out of the millions that infest the Earth, you will necessarily suffer the direst of consequences. For those who still believe there are “Good” Jews on this planet, being a Jew means…

That you are okay with stealing, cheating, lying, subverting, manipulating, looting, extorting, and all other negative terms along these subjects.

Being a Jew means you are okay with lying to the public, extortion, committing fraud, blackmail, acts of usury, letting acts of terrorism slide, and corrupting the planet.

Being a Jew means being a supremacist, a parasite, and a deviant lunatic.

The best of mankind want to preserve order and morality in society, to protect the natural order. Lying and deception are the Jews’ primary methods of survival. A Jew can never be reasoned with for that reason!

* * *

The Jewish Problem will only be solved through either the removal of every Jew and every follower and supporter of Jewish ideologies, doctrines, and ideas, or the complete elimination of the upstanding of non-Jews from the Earth… To make things clear, I consider a Jew to be anyone with even the smallest detectable amount of Jewish blood; and a Judeophile to be anyone who is by nature a delinquent, a defective, or a degenerate, or an open supporter or sympathizer of any Jew.

* * *

Upon further reviewing this blog, I found assertions that all of the following are Jews:

  • Adolph Hitler and many other Nazis
  • Joesph Stalin
  • George Orwell
  • Henry Ford
  • Hirohito
  • 22 (possibly 23) of the 45 Presidents of the United States (including the current President)
  • William Shakespeare
  • Alex Jones
  • Pat Buchanan
  • Charlie Sheen
  • David Duke
  • Edward Snowden
  • Glen Beck
  • Jesse Ventura
  • John Kerry
  • Julian Assange
  • Mel Gibson
  • Tom Cruise
  • Nick Clegg
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Marine Le Pen
  • Viktor Orban
  • Mateusz Morawiecki
  • Matteo Salvini
  • Nick Griffin
  • Nigel Farage
  • Ralph Nader
  • Ron Paul
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Richard Dawkins
  • Christopher Hitchens
  • Taylor Swift
  • Peter Stuyvesant
  • Bill Gates
  • And more

* * *

The blogger espouses conspiracy theories such as:

  • Jews Are Behind the New Eugenics Movement
  • “Empathy” is a Jewish term
  • The Single Cause of Problems in the World: Jews
  • The Origin of Trolling on the Internet: Jews
  • The Coronavirus Is a Jewish Lie
  • Russia Is Still in Jewish Control
  • Nothing Is Out of Jewish Reach
  • Most “Rape Victims” Are Jewish
  • Jews Use IQ as a Trick
  • Jews Promote English Usage
  • Jews Enforcing Individualism
  • Jews Behind Tattooism
  • Jews Behind Harry Potter
  • Jews Are Behind the Birth Control Movement
  • Jews Are Behind the Autism Trend
  • Jews – Far More Than Two Percent of the Population
  • Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc., systematically censor or hide information about the Jews’ international crime network, with Jews patrolling the Internet forums and message boards, and with the use of IP Addresses, Web Host Servers and Internet Service Providers
  • Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Commit Suicide
  • Human Selection Technology – a Jewish Scam
  • DNA Is Pseudoscience
  • College Is Jewish Indoctrination
  • Nuclear Weapons are Not Real – a Jewish Conspiracy
  • Jews are not human
  • And more

* * *

Deliberately, I am not linking publicly to this insane, degenerate blog. I don’t want to promote such content. I’ve reported this antisemitic blog to WordPress, and I hope that they act accordingly and remove it, just as Blogger (and Quora) did. If you too would like to contact WordPress in this regard, contact me with your e-mail address and I will send you the link privately (nobody else will see your e-mail address).

32 thoughts on “Insane antisemitism”

  1. David, I have just spent some time reading your recent longer articles. I like the way you lay things out so clearly in all of them, and I am so impressed with the brave way you handled this topic!! Discrimination and prejudice is difficult to understand when we ourselves are fortunate enough to consider ourselves in a logical and inclusive frame of mind, and I know from personal experience that it’s a real challenge to face it head on. Kudos!!!

      1. Thank you so much David… that is very very kind of you to say and think, and it brings a genuine smile. I do try! In spite of all my failing. :)) Likewise to you — you seem lovely… and thanks for your recent interaction over on DR Bogdan’s blog also. Best wishes, till next time… :)) 🌷💛

  2. Wow. I remember experiencing antisemitism a few times in my life, one such very memorable time was when I was walking out of the Jewish bakery with my challah bread, and this couple was talking and one of them made a remark loud enough for me to hear …it was along the lines of “Jews have nothing good” and the other said, “except that cha-lah”. And they both laughed. Another time was me wearing my high school uniform, standing waiting to get on the public bus and a guy walking off the bus spat on my uniform and said “You people are worse than swine” and walked away as if nothing happened. I was 15. I don’t think about antisemitism on a daily basis, but I am more than aware it is very prevalent and very much a reality. Just now there was a news story in the US about how Jewish security officials warm to prepare for violence on election day.

  3. I have been reflecting a lot, n still do, about antisemitism. De facto Jewish are the only people who maintained themselves themselves. The other peoples got mixed but not the Jewish. Besides, even if you are not Jewish, you know that they are the elected people. Believe it or not. True or not true. It has been stated.
    To me all these are reasons to feel the others’ inferiority, especially if you don’t belong to a centered n strong people.
    Besides, n this doesn’t help at all, Jewish people are quite superb in treating other people. Of course I understand it, being so much persecuted in history (I think this is the only ethnicity which has been tormented from the very beginning!) I understand the superb reaction of many who want to show that in spite of all, they survived n are powerful. Nevertheless it doesn’t help in creating a relaxed base to let good relationships grow.
    And it is a pity, because Jew could contribute so much to the world’s improvement if only they would care to do it!
    I will post a passage of a book written by an Italian scholar from Trieste, therefore with all the AustroHungarian heritage – n this includes the Jewish world as well – who pointed out this in an intense way.

  4. Those lists are so ludicrous it almost makes me wonder if this is a misguided attempt at satire … satire gone wrong, clearly.

  5. Omg. Thank you for posting! I hope WP acts quickly. That vile blog needs to be taken down posthaste! There is so much sinat chinam in the world. I’ve faced some pretty ugly episodes of antisemitism in my life, as did my parents and grandparents.

    1. If you send me your email address in a comment, I won’t ‘approve’ the comment. That way nobody will see it except for me. And then you can also contact WP.

      1. If you go to WP Admin…all the way down at the bottom of your lefthand sidebar…then click comments, you can see the email addresses of people who commented. Only you can see them.

    1. honestly, it’s both laughable to me as a modern human being and also – I feel – responsible for saying something, I suppose.

      (I really don’t think this blog has any reach or influence – it’s just the principle and the extent of its craziness)

  6. Thank you for posting this. Do I just send you my email address the way I would to follow your blog? I was looking for somewhere I could click on “contact” but wasn’t seeing it. I totally get how you can choose to have really thick skin when you are just thinking of yourself but that the minute you consider your children you know you need to say something. I have experienced so much hostility in random places where my children’s visible severe autism will cause the worst people to rise to the surface. It scares me that so many people consider them “useless feeders” who should have been aborted. I can choose to have thick skin but it terrifies me to think of what can happen when I’m not there. I have three Black siblings and in rural Canada it’s the same issue for my siblings. It’s exhausting for them to have to constantly try and figure out “is this person just rude? Or is this about my skin colour?” Sometimes of course it’s both.

    1. yes, exactly! (BTW did you notice that ‘autism’ is also a ‘Jewish conspiracy’?)

      you can leave your e-mail address here in a comment, and I won’t ‘approve’ it – I’ll just leave it private and send you the link via e-mail.

      1. Lol, yes I’m glad I know who to blame for this whole shitty autism thing. How do you guys find the time to cause all this trouble? I am thoroughly impressed.

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