Balls, or: Gowns?

forty-years-old & I draw a gown for the first
time swirls-memories-tunnel plastered with faded
childhood scratchings of monster-guns-vomiting-laser
beams of sunshine caress-her-soft cheeks & eager-
face it, man, those days ended when the boss 
was born nearly six years ago. 

31 thoughts on “Balls, or: Gowns?”

  1. There is no other wsy to contact you but writing a comment therefore I go this way. Do. You have an Ig account? As someone name Bennnn9 just followed my t.w.i.s.t accountโ€ฆ n I was wonderingโ€ฆ

      1. No I haven’tโ€ฆ I was expecting it from you because I wanted to sign the petition but I never got it (perhaps I should check the binโ€ฆ)

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