Mare, or: Reflection

I wade in; I float near
Not myself- who's that there?
Can't be me; won't free me
Else, I'd drift out to see
            No windows- no wind blows
            Stale thoughts heave in death throes
            This place's strange faces
            Fill the spaces tightly

Swift pacing, mind racing
Dreams fleeted yet chasing
Depleted, now seated,
Truth meted to me
            In pieces, heart ceases
            As time's s~l~o~w~flow~increases
            Mirroring their familiar
            Conciliar decree

Stern strangers, deranged- Or?
Portending no danger to
An ending upending their
Unbending decree
            As my eyes recognize them
            And my selfs humanize them
            I realize now 
            that the stranger
            in my mirror
            is me


48 thoughts on “Mare, or: Reflection”

  1. the words are so well spun together with the thoughts. I have a blog scheduled similar to this one..
    Keep up your amazing Ben

          1. HAha in a couple of weeks it will be out. I will definitely send you the link

      1. ๐Ÿ™‚ which is why you didnโ€™t use it in your poem. I meant that often when I was out in public and one of my children would vocalize or start moving strangely I would see this look of fear in peopleโ€™s faces who couldnโ€™t handle strange or different. But I would feel pity for them because I knew that it meant that they couldnโ€™t handle brokenness or strangeness in themselves either – that they would recoil from themselves in the same way. Does that make sense? Your poem made me think of this but I am the furthest thing from a poet.

          1. ๐Ÿ™‚ one of the great things about good poetry – people see in it what they need through the lense of their personal experience

          2. Your poetry is too deep for me, lol. La mer – the sea. I would have had to see it like that to catch the meaning cause we learn French as a second language here in Canada. Iโ€™m drowning in this scrabble game. Iโ€™m a simple girl.

  2. I got tingles as I slowly took in the first half of the third and final stanza. The formatting on this from title to finish is just so ponderingly beautiful… master-crafted poetry. ๐Ÿ’›

    1. Well, I generally believe that poems are intended to be interpreted but the reader, just as all pieces of art are…

      But, no, this one didn’t have a Jewish theme or conceptual anchor. (at least not in my mind… but – it certainly might have one in yours!)


  3. Yes, I get that feeling sometimes., you write for us who cannot express these emotions.
    the whole poem spoke to me. I connected with these lines. Good stuff , Ben.

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