Kept, or: Captive

Captive, he was pulled, undone, his angst gripped tight his heart 
Swiftly, his tears dissolved into her darkening hues of night 
Ragged his face, thin weakly limbs, a forlorn, dreadful sight 
Should have, should have, should- have seen it from the very start

The stars had come out like lamplights that once upon a dark-
Above thick canopy floating, they lit up three lobed leaves-
Through branches, through the fireflies- he'd flitting flash perceived 
So innocent he'd been that night- mere children's game, a lark

Net swinging after glittering tail- on sudden, silly whim
Surprised, the boy uncupped his hands- saw sparkling gaseous star 
Unscrewing lid, he beckoned it- float up into the jar
Entranced, he felt light warmth pour in- and overflow his brim

Years, years rolled by, and bliss kept out his pervading sorrows
Always, always, there for him, for- him, for- no one else
He watched her growing and reddening and- kept her to himself 
When both blazed-gone, none saw a thing- she'd swallowed his morrows

H/T @Yassy

58 thoughts on “Kept, or: Captive”

  1. Dear ben Alexander,
    Your warm words and treasured memories of your beloved father never cease to touch my heart and bring tears to my eyes. I wish that you would publicize your beautiful words into a book form so that readers across the universe may have a share in your cherished memories. God has blessed you with a great gift of writing. Please continue to share it with all of us Good health and long years of life from your devoted friend and admirer.
    Esor Ben-Sorek, Ph.D


    1. Well, I don’t have any awards for my essays on the wall of my home, but I do enjoy moving my hands across my keyboard and seeing what comes of that! 😉

      Thank you for the compliment, Dear Person.

      Shavuah Tov.

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