Distancing, or: Dancing

She dances- freely where air is music in her own home 
Fearful of green waters; of slickened thickening foam
Charting- studying; the Talmud, Torah -the course
Focus; stay sane; stay healthy; still... plunged into wet depths
Masked breaths through that heavy silent lullaby swift swept
Smothered in her queasy bubble uneasily reaching forth

She dances- stretching against taut sticky edges- viscous
Constricting restrictive her mind bears the risks of
Keeping- speaking with; old photographs -active
Routines; days drawn out into months nearing years
Broken; tears muffling the stuff of sacred scared prayers
Slumping into depression; not of God's flood this captive

She dances- as she once defied cruel capture by cancer
Fighting fierce not to ebb first; silence soaking; no answer

42 thoughts on “Distancing, or: Dancing”

  1. Oh well that is indeed a blessing. I am so glad to hear that. During these difficult times for so many of us good news is a welcomed blessing. Hugs πŸ€— Joni

  2. “tears muffling the stuff of sacred scared prayers” that’s so good! Your wordplay in this poem is on another level. Amazing!
    (Ps: After playing that old you-like-my-comment-I-like-yours game so many timesπŸ˜‚ I’m glad I visited your blog, awesome blog David)

  3. I like the sounds you’ve used. It’s brilliant…slickened thickening, constricting restrictive, risks of keeping speaking with, stuff of sacred scared….And what you say cuts deep

  4. It’s terribly heart-rendering to read what is happening to your aged friend. The combination of lockdown and fighting cancer at the same time bleeds my heart. I can’t even imagine what she is going through being on her own. Some women widowed or single cant cope being alone. I love my own space, and being fir endless hours and even days on my own, but some women are not cut out for that especially if family is not around or readily available. And friends where are the friends in these days of face-timing{is that the right word)

    You give so much dignity to her ben,- i wish your name was capitalised it is better for my myasthenic fingers, im so tired of having to write all the names im associated with in cyber- I so appreciate that spiritual thinkers are not inhibited about addressing age, cancer, loneliness etc. Sometimes preachers have such a dogmatic approach to illness, dying, loneliness, widows and orphans, like they wish to sweep it under the carpet under the banner of don’t claim it. I digress, i could write sheets on the approach to cancer, other dreaded diseases, depression and loneliness….let me smile and stop……I love how you crafted her ben, how you invested energy in a very dignified way….I’m sure she loves you with her whole heart.

      1. Oh it gave me great joy commenting to this finely and sensitively written prose. I do remember your post about your name, i should’ve visited it again.before commenting but it was mainly about the letter b as a small letter, it shows up as capital then i have to go back and change. Sorry if it came across as if I’m picking on you. I try to maintain digital etiquette when writing names but most times I’m stopped in my tracks, have to go back and rectify and in the process lose a train of thought, besides my myasthenic fingers are not impressed about the extra work.
        Shew that was a mouthful but yes, maybe only i understand it, spelling uncommon to me and elaborate names properly.

  5. I have to switch to my other phone, it’s not a tablet , but i call it one in order to appreciate this dance. Its been a busy day, physically I’ve extended myself, i can feel this now as twilight threatens to break. Be back later.

  6. I loved the word images here. Somehow I picture an older quarantined woman struggling against depression. I don’t know if I glimpsed it correctly, but thAt is the image I have in my mind.

    1. That’s exactly correct. I wrote this about a friend of mine who is in her 70’s who recently described to me how this pandemic is affecting her mental state…. she’s a dancer. πŸ’ƒ

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