Am, Are, or: Always

no doors in walls to Keep out fear
 just: Look and See, but no walls there...
  once structures, now Convulsing lines
   there's Is, there's Was, less timeless rhymes
    no what, no I, but only Am
     Am Flail for textures; Whisper, "damn..."
      unbearable, Am's Feels Are Galled
       Walled in, Crawling, no space at all!

nouns swiftly Twisting into verbs
 Think straight! no theater left to Be absurd
  Am Think, Think Knows, and on it Goes...
   and then: Am Start. "Do Are Suppose?"
    Are Could Aid Am by Opening...
     the... the... constantly Creaking
      Are Know... what... Am... Am Trying to Say...
       dear, Grab the Turns and Pull that... way...

Hope Looks; Look Sees; See Steps; Step Lands-
 Am find myself in Are's... dear hands?
  hands warm... Hands firm, Hands' Form confirms
   Convulsions slow; Walls' Lines conform...
    are... You... am I... I... feared I'd die
     before I... held You one last Time...
      I... want... to say... I've come to see...
       That... You and I... We'll al...ways... be...

H/T @Joni

H/T @João-Maria

36 thoughts on “Am, Are, or: Always”

  1. Curious story, Ben, and few people know this, but Caliath is the name I’ve given to my notebooks over the years. Each of them is named Caliath. I no longer write in paper; I have not the time that the format requires, but I still name my documents Caliath X, XI, XII, so on. In one of the earliest, I once scribbled a line I’ve suddenly felt reminded of with your poem:
    “Reticence is a refuge from the inmost light.”; our time is waterborne in a sense and watergraved in another; fire is especially untimely. In quickness, our expression bursts and wanes, is tired quickly, is knee-held. But in time, oh, time, in that little dilatation of speech, oh, such godliness, such death. Such a tiresome impression.
    I’m happy to have inspired you. I’m glad inspiring is still within my realm of abilities. They seem to split quickly through me.

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