Pleiades, or: ‘Whatever’

Pleiades – a poetic form

Only one word is allowed in the title of the poem, followed by a single seven-line stanza. The first word in each line begins with the same letter as the title. The line length is restricted to six syllables.

The poetic form is aptly named: the seven lines can be said to represent the seven sisters, and the six syllables represent the nearly invisible nature of one sister.


Whatever came of my
Wretched inspiration
Which once welcomed ev'ry
Word ~ letter ~ syllable
With endless wonderment
Worthy of those Sisters
Who all had their own ways?

54 thoughts on “Pleiades, or: ‘Whatever’”

  1. Great piece and interesting too. You might like to take a look at Brad Osborne’s site. Every Friday he does a post called Whittled Words. He did one today on the Anagram poem. I think you two might have a real respect for the way each other writes. That is a complement, I believe, as he is a gifted, talented and loves to expand his knowledge of his art.
    Let me see if I can give it a go?


    How does one know your love
    Hope sits upon a star
    Has six points in heaven
    Human hearts doth proclaim
    Held you close for years love
    Home was where your head lay
    Happy, honest husband

    Hugs Joni

  2. I love what you wrote …to me, your poem seems to be about writing and it’s simply wonderful. I’m in wonderment ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the word wonderment!

  3. Most beautiful and amazing lines.every words is like the gem
    .beautiful imagination.Your Pleiades are three sisters and our North-East India has too seven sisters as seven stats.they are new thing but your Pleiades has a glimpse of ancient Hibru culture.

  4. Here’s a silly one I did…hope you enjoy it!
    My cat opens its eyes.
    Mouse sounds are heard below,
    Many squeaking noises,
    Marauding the pantry.
    Moona is on her feet,
    Meandering downstairs.
    Mice scatter everywhere.

    Karima 11/28/2020

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