The following seems to me a truth that too many people, including myself, are afraid to acknowledge to themselves when it, perhaps inevitably, occurs:

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  1. And so I look to Another who I am wrestling with to give me a name that tells me who I am. My self is unfinished. I like this from Revelation 2:17 – To the one who overcomes I will …give him a white stone inscribed with a new name, known only to the one who receives it.”

  2. Bonjour, et on s’en remet aussi très bien de ne pas être forcément ce que l’on croyait être, parfois même ça libère complètement, très bonne journée, louise salmone

  3. Yes, it’s the key buddhist concept too, that I’ve been reading about lately… we are not really this manifestation that we are presented with or that we present; we are something more essential than that.

  4. Nice one, Ben, but what about society? Don’t you sometime feel the pressures of society.

          1. Interesting! I kinda like it, but thank you for permitting me to call you David. Now, we are getting somewhere, haha.

  5. I get this idea, but I think I would characterize it differently. I see it more that our sense of self, or our belief in what our self is, may not have any basis in reality. Or that the way we actually act may not match the image we have created about how we act.

  6. Well yes suddenly comes without warning, it is a quick and dramatic moment or event, that doesn’t mean the meltdown to produce the balm for a new inner life happens overnight.

      1. And since we were so uniquely and wonderfully woven, the fragrances of the ointment including the process and the stages of balming the inner life is different for everyone.

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