Alive, or: Dead

‘We are teachers to our grandchildren’, a d’Verse prompt

He was supposed to teach
  her math and now 
he fucking won't because he's ~

We? What 'We'? Is this the 
  'We who take being alive 
for granted' or 
  'We who are not to live again 
salute you - No - just 
kidding! We're ~

He was supposed to teach her math!
  He was supposed to 
be here. Today.
  He was supposed to 
wish me a happy birthday.
  He was not 
to be ~

I grew a longer beard after Papa 
  Not shaving 
is a Jewish 
mourning tradition, you know 
(did you?)
And it makes me look
  (Good - because I am!) 
I have some white 
hairs in it; some day 
  they will all be white 
and I hope 
to be 
  buried that way 
    when I am ~

Don't tell me that Papa
is teaching her
  through me. He's not.
He's not teaching 
her math;
  he's not teaching 
  anything - because he's fucking ~

It's my birthday and -
  I'll ~
  I'll ~

The above poem is my take on d’Verse’s ‘travels in the wild’ prompt.

d’Verse gave us a selection of potential titles for our poems, and let us do the rest.

105 thoughts on “Alive, or: Dead”

  1. Meine Kinder
    meine Kindeskinder
    erziehen mich
    haben mich erzogen

    ich gehe seit meiner
    in meiner Seele
    zum Unterricht
    in die Schule

    vor allem mein

    das Versagen
    meiner Mütter
    nicht zu denken
    an die Väter

    im Bewusstsein
    nicht weil ich
    ein besserer Mensch bin
    täglicher Bemühung

    Herzliche Grüße
    Hans Gamma


    יום טוב

    הילדים שלי
    ילדי ילדי
    לחנך אותי
    גידל אותי

    אני הולך מאז שלי
    בנשמה שלי
    בבית הספר

    במיוחד שלי

    של אימא שלי
    לא לחשוב

    לא בגלל שאני אדם טוב יותר מאבותיי
    מאמץ יומיומי

    כל טוב
    האנס גמא

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