Love, Marriage, or: Both

‘Synesthesia’ – a d’Verse prompt

My lime for you beryls with deep pine
I coral to salmon your puce
Your yellows both amber and chrome me
Your bice leaves me verting for spruce

The teals of your blues, they cobalt me 
I can't help but rose at your flush
There are kelly and coal in your sable
That leave me aplum and ablush

Please mauve me to perse at your ginger
Bister me to chestnut your green
My brick is now flaming vermilion
And my pearls glow bright aquamarine 

If I can't pea with you-- I'll go apple
My azures for you burn sapphire 
I'm sure ivory will soon saffron me...
For you've set my whole palette afire

The above poem is my take on d’Verse’s ‘Synesthesia’ prompt.

This d’Verse writing challenge is to incorporate music in our poem from the perspective of a synesthete, to write a song filled with colors.

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