Something beautiful for Chanukah

Thanks to Animalizard for introducing me to this lovely Chanukah art

33 thoughts on “Something beautiful for Chanukah”

      1. Yes it’s Yule / Winter Solstice.

        We have eight major festivals and some minor ones.

        The major ones are:

        Yule (celebration of the returning light, 21 Dec, celebrated by bringing greenery into the house, among other things— basically we invented all the best bits of Christmas).

        Imbolc (2 February): the first hint of spring and a celebration of the goddess Brigid, patron of smith craft, poetry, and healing).

        Spring equinox, 21 March (near Pesach): day and night are equal, daylight is growing, vegetation is growing.

        Beltane (1 May), celebration of love in all its forms.

        Midsummer (21 June): the sun is at its highest, celebration of sun deities.

        Lammas (1 August) — the first harvest, of grains; celebrating harvest deities.

        Autumn equinox (21 September, near Rosh Hashanah): day and night are equal, the nights are lengthening. Fruit harvest.

        Samhain (31 Oct – 2 Nov): festival of the beloved dead & ancestors; harvest of meat (traditionally when animals would be slaughtered before the winter).

    1. Neither the ‘h’ sound, nor the ‘ch’ sound in English are the correct sound – those two sounds don’t exist in Hebrew, and the Hebrew letter ‘chet’ which is the first letter of Chanukah produces a sound that doesn’t exist in English… so there’s really no one correct spelling of Chanukah in English. Everyone spells it differently when they attempt to transliterate it.

      All best,

  1. In India too, Sudarsan Pattnaik of Odisha is the famous sand artist, whose works are on sea beaches mostly based on current issues and festivals.

  2. Should one say happy Hannukah….enjoy the days ben.
    Such lovely music playing in the background of this wonderful piece of live art.

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