A, E, I, or: U

abstemious, abstentious I, 
not a very materious guy
mine thoughts aenmious, aerious fly 
through the darkening caesious-hued sky

though they acheilous and acheirous are
their placentiousness takes them quite far
doubts acerbitous they ably spar
and by urges acedious- uncharred

soar anteriour to verses facetious
though they'd claim that it's all adventitious
to wordsmiths they're larcenious, affectious
but tragedious suspicions are specious

34 thoughts on “A, E, I, or: U”

  1. Very, very well worked on. I was literally sitting in the middle of a dictionary.. 🤭🤭. T. H. A. N. K. U. for the adventure with words!

  2. I love the wordplay here – I am a big fan of wordplay! Thank heavens for vowels – in Slovenian some words don’t have any, which I find hard to deal with!

    1. Thanks, Ingrid❣️

      I confess that I love playing with words too 🙈

      Hebrew and Arabic have “vowels” but they’re not letters – they’re really vowelization dots and lines that go underneath (and sometimes above) the letters.


      1. I thought so – I’ve seem some words written down that look unpronounceable to me! In Slovenian for example, the city of Trieste is ‘Trst’

  3. It was adventurous to read, and I think it must have been more adventurous for you to pen it. My vocabulary is getting enriched in your company, David. Thanks 😊

  4. Your my kind of guy who had me going with merriment 😁🤓 Words is a subject I Taught. As a student, you receive the award 🏆 ” Master of the Pen ✒️ ” A+ 😁🤓

  5. This is so fun! The alphabet magnets bring back memories and your poem is fantastic. You have integrated three weeks worth of my “Word of the Day” email deliveries into one poem. 👏🏼

    1. Actually, Michele, I got the idea from my word of the day e-mails several weeks ago. This list that I am on sends out words by weekly theme, and one of the themes was “words that contain all the vowels in order.” So I just found some more words like that and made some stanzas out of them 🙂


  6. abstemious. In moderation….safe but not always adventurous
    abstentious…mmmmm…who is quiet around here and not present?
    Anyway, interesting word sounds….I don’t know why the problem with catching a word from the great wordsworth
    Nice read, I feel spoken too

    1. this was just a fun challenge for myself 🙂

      I’m not entirely thrilled with the outcome, but I’m not sure I could have done much better, given the limitations that I set for myself.


          1. So tell me, besides being foolish, which I don’t think you are, you just have a very funny bone, so tell the motion picture behind this poetry. Happy Sunday

          2. I’m on an e-mail list called ‘Word of the Day’, which sends words to me by weekly themes. One of the themes a few weeks ago was: words that contain all of the vowels in order. So I became curious and searched for more words like that and turned them into a sort-of-poem, which you were kind enough to comment on 😀


          3. Oh i should have taken note of the title. That’s a cool way of getting to know and expand vocabulary. Super play with words. You are so free with words and design in sound

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