Poem, or: Inglenook

‘In the Inglenook’, a d’Verse Quadrille

Mine inglenook not of this earth 
Found not in book, nor by the hearth 

Mine kooginnel it changes form 
Chooses, refuses to conform 

Mine negloonki of verses spun 
Of metaphor and playful pun 

Mine nielognok for me by me 
Put simply, it's my poetry 

The above poem is my take on d’Verse’s Quadrille challenge #118.

The quadrille is simply a poem of 44 words (excluding the title), and it can take any form. This week’s challenge was to use the word “inglenook” in a quadrille.

76 thoughts on “Poem, or: Inglenook”

  1. At first I was looking for a glossary but soon realized what you were doing. I can see where your poetry would be just that for you. Nicely done!

  2. I think your poem makes perfect sense! The inglenook (creative space) in your mind changes form, doesn’t all of ours? I find new inspiration in different things every day. Life would be boring otherwise! 👏

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