Reflection, or: Reality

‘Step into the realm with me’, a d’Verse prompt

I can't

In the mirror his hand reaches-grimly t'wards his pounding-bared breast
Reddened eyes, tears drip down chest heaving, he stands alone-undressed

What- wait

Fiery, snarling with malice-and-avarice, born, as it was, of doubt's incest
Vigilant, ever watch-waiting, its bright eyes blinking with unrest

Oh my

In chamber red she's deep imprisoned, essence of poise with great pride blest
To throbbing walls, she lies chained-sobbing, at dread dragon's greedy behest

 we can't

Pleading-frightened, fearful sobbing, feeling his own fingers pressed
Into his soft-flesh pliant digging, fear's pet dragon there to wrest

 this won't...
      ... oh...

Rhythmic beats can't drown out roaring; Faith's head hanging down, depressed
But... no dragon comes slither-rippling, pure snow white skin to molest


The above poem is my take on d’Verse’s ‘exploring Gothic’ prompt.

d’Verse gave us a selection of potential titles for our poems, and let us do the rest.

To be honest, I think I pretty much failed at writing a gothic poem, but I like the piece above nonetheless 🐉

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