Reflection, or: Reality

‘Step into the realm with me’, a d’Verse prompt

I can't

In the mirror his hand reaches-grimly t'wards his pounding-bared breast
Reddened eyes, tears drip down chest heaving, he stands alone-undressed

What- wait

Fiery, snarling with malice-and-avarice, born, as it was, of doubt's incest
Vigilant, ever watch-waiting, its bright eyes blinking with unrest

Oh my

In chamber red she's deep imprisoned, essence of poise with great pride blest
To throbbing walls, she lies chained-sobbing, at dread dragon's greedy behest

 we can't

Pleading-frightened, fearful sobbing, feeling his own fingers pressed
Into his soft-flesh pliant digging, fear's pet dragon there to wrest

 this won't...
      ... oh...

Rhythmic beats can't drown out roaring; Faith's head hanging down, depressed
But... no dragon comes slither-rippling, pure snow white skin to molest


The above poem is my take on d’Verse’s ‘exploring Gothic’ prompt.

d’Verse gave us a selection of potential titles for our poems, and let us do the rest.

To be honest, I think I pretty much failed at writing a gothic poem, but I like the piece above nonetheless 🐉

52 thoughts on “Reflection, or: Reality”

  1. I am starting to see that all the beast of a gothic novel is really a metaphor for something much more real and sinister… I thought of a werewolf until I realized it could be a dark tale of incest… and there is a clear parallel in how a father might suddenly change into a raging beast…(maybe more moonshine than moonlight though)

  2. I like the form of this, even if black on dark grey is very hard to read! There’s plenty of blood and horror and chained women, so that probably makes it Gothic, and the dragon…replace dragon with vampire or lunatic with a pair of garden shears and you’ve got pure Gothic. But who wants pure Gothic?

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