Haiku, or: Haikai no ku

Dear Friend,

Letters; syllables;
words; verses contain meaning;
seek your own within

21 thoughts on “Haiku, or: Haikai no ku”

  1. Great Haiku, David! One of the things I like most about poems is that they are open to multiple interpretations! “Seek your own within” is inspired! 🙂 I frequently have poems wake me up. I write a pencil draft, then try to go back to sleep! Take care. ❤

    1. It was a fun write for me – it just sort of came to me out of the blue, and luckily I remembered the words well enough when I woke up the morning after falling asleep with this thought 😀


      1. Oh I love hate that cuz, i then dream of hoping to remember, or wondering what they were. sometimes i reach for my journal and it’s fallen to the floor. Glad you remembered!! ❤️ a gem!

  2. ha·​ku·​na ma·​ta·​ta | \ hä-ˈkü-nä-mä-ˈtä-tä
    Your haiku makes me smile
    Wish upon a star, maybe
    Just maybe a Haikai no ku
    Forms within in
    In the meantime
    there are no problems : don’t worry about it
    ha·​la | \ ˈhälə \

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