Reflections, or: A poet’s best friend

My first half-a-dozen diamante ๐Ÿ’Ž poems

Brain ~ Screen

Heavy Electrical
Creating Thinking Signaling
Neurons Synapses Flashes Wiring
Glowing Showing Presenting 
Bright Electrical

Life ~ Death

Dynamic Uncertain
Confusing Shifting Giving
Love Energy Emptiness Nothing
Waiting Coming Receiving
Patient Inevitable

Human ~ God

Embodied Emotional
Living Learning Wondering
Body Soulfulness Infinity Eternity
Watching Listening Knowing
Absent Inconceivable

Words ~ Reality

Thought Expressed
Intending Presenting Resonating
Thought Speech Consciousness Impression
Existing Imposing Developing
Perceived Uncertain

Writer ~ Reader

Creative Compelled
Thinking Describing Intending
Concepts Perceptions Biases Reactions
Sitting Experiencing Feeling
Curious Changed

Parent ~ Child

Loving Protective
Observing Teaching Guiding
Hope Experience Energy Enthusiasm
Imitating Learning Growing
Excited Fascinated

dโ€™Verse is taking a break for the holidays so there wonโ€™t be any prompts for a whileโ€ฆ

So Iโ€™ll be trying out a few new forms with prompts born of my mind instead!

I considered the idea of responding to prompts from other groups, but dโ€™Verse satisfies my creative curiosity more than well enough โ€“ and I donโ€™t want to spend all of my time responding to poetry prompts.

25 thoughts on “Reflections, or: A poet’s best friend”

    1. Thanks, Dwight ๐Ÿ™‚

      On the one hand, they’re simple to write… on the other hand, every word counts, which makes me think about which ones I want to use!


  1. Small, glittering, extremely precious gems,
    Diamonds in the rough (common euphoric expression for underlying brilliance)
    Rocks, crystal and clear,
    Rhinestone sequins, an impressive array of diamante –
    Woven reflections, penned on a poet’s blank designer page.
    In preparation for distinctly ornated and embellished literary garments
    Originals, Coming our way.

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