Conception, or: Reality?

Pantoum this ~ must be of eight lines
Order plain in rhythm and rhyme
Play as one, none ahead, nor behind
Obey they none other than ~ time

Order plain in rhythm and rhyme
Each and ev'ry moment ~ divine
Obey they none other than ~ time
Ever turning, together entwined

Each and ev'ry moment ~ divine
Mem'ries all have, like ~ yours & mine
Ever turning, together entwined 
Minutes meld, in an image combined

Mem'ries all have, like ~ yours & mine
Pantoum this ~ must be of eight lines
Minutes meld, in an image combined
Play as one, none ahead, nor behind

d’Verse is taking a break for the holidays so there won’t be any prompts for a while…

So I’ll be trying out a few new forms with prompts born of my mind instead!

I considered the idea of responding to prompts from other groups, but d’Verse satisfies my creative curiosity more than well enough – and I don’t want to spend all of my time responding to poetry prompts.

39 thoughts on “Conception, or: Reality?”

  1. Very clever use of the pantoum form plus the spiral image to create a poem within a poem within a poem: perhaps you could carry this on forever?

  2. (Neverita duplicata, common name the shark eye, is a species of predatory sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Naticidae, the moon snails).
    I think I’ve got it right. Sorry i just couldn’t help myself, the photo first held my attention.- An interesting face of the clock which reminded me of the shark eye moon shell. I naturally thought it worth a mention in combination with this very fascinating form of poetry called Pantoum.
    So it’s the second and last lines that step forward and fall in line for the next verse that forms a Pantoum. Did I say fascinating?
    Indeed, and once again an enjoyable read at this quiet hour.
    Fascinating indeed.
    Bravo ben, a fun and fascinating read
    Engaged in Mem’ries. (fun, fascinating, I enjoyed reading how you approached Memories)
    (Minutes meld, in an image combined
    Play as one, none ahead, nor behind)

    Exclamation /Perfectamum ….(own word)
    Beautiful timing.

    1. Abi,

      I have to say that your compliments are flattering, but – more importantly – they’re very interesting. You always add something to the conversation, which is definitely more than I can do when I comment on other people’s posts 🙂

      Thank you,

      1. ben you one of the poets that sets my small circle of online poets ablaze. We’ve been in conversation for a little while now and it’s a pleasure and delight to add to the conversation where I can.
        I enjoy commending, offering praise and expressing my admiration. Life is so short, good wishes and compliments truly felt are a blessing.

  3. David, I adore this one… had to look up Pantoum, so have also learned something new again from you: “a Malay verse form, also imitated in French and English, with a rhyme scheme ABAB.”

    I love the rhythm of it, ticking Iike a clock, but the love its entwined with makes the parts feel round.

      1. Nice. 👌😊 So yes that’s a question that crosses my mind whenever I read your dverse footnote… I don’t know if I’m understanding it correctly, and I always get curious about the form/prompt inspo, but only because it’s mentioned at the end… anyway, love what you have done with this form, and it makes me want to try it some*time.* ⏱👀🤓✍️😉

        1. pantoums don’t have to rhyme – I wrote one before that didn’t.

          but then I saw one that did rhyme on somebody else’s blog, and I thought – oooooo – I have to try that

          so – I did 🙂

          the repeating line structure lends itself to the message of the poem (at least hopefully it does!)


          1. I like it very much, yes the repetition is what made it work so well… and the image is beautiful with it. 🌀

  4. Your poem has great self-awareness – referring to itself and entwining other subjects too. 😁 Nice work David! I wonder what form you will next introduce? Thanks for keeping it interesting! 👏🏼

    1. I’m really glad that you got it, Michele 🙂

      Actually, I just learned about this form recently, and my first attempt was non-rhyming… but then I decided to give it a second go, and this is what came of that.

      Time is an interesting subject – we only perceive it linearly… but what if it’s not?

      Appreciatively as always,

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