Ugh, that’s not funny, or: Is it?

Must my limericks be funny to you?
I am not at all sure that they do!
So remember this, Bloke:
There's one butt to this joke;
And it flows forth with wet, steamy poo!


I don’t know what came over me yesterday and today, but I promise that I’m done with limericks for a while! πŸ’©


60 thoughts on “Ugh, that’s not funny, or: Is it?”

    1. My head’s so full of childish nonsense
      that my six-year-old thinks me quite dense,
      for I make potty puns
      slick and fast with smooth runs
      that don’t even stick to the fence

  1. Oh goodness how did we get from stellar to poo
    These limericks will find their way into the test of time i can assure you.

      1. Lol….I wasn’t sure if it is a comment or what. This poo limerick will soon get to of hand. Or what is the classical saying…when the sh!t hits the fan.
        Let me bid adieu I’m far from agile.

        1. Interesting comment and I tell you why, just yesterday I was reading an insert where the Japaneses are experimenting with wood for space travel since there is so much metal junk orbiting the earth. Wood on the other hand would just burn out.

        2. Im not fully into the programme. I sort of follow events on the surface and if i find a topic that is new then i like to explore it further. I have no idea about environmentalists in Australia, if you have an interesting story to tel then please do

  2. Poo is important. Supposedly we’re all just here to push it out to feed the moon! Said some dearhearted loon (obstensibly quoting Gurdjieff, but I haven’t verified that yet).

  3. Haha. What a well formed piece of shit. It did brought a smile to my face.
    I am new on wordpress and I would love some support for my blog posts. Please do visit my site. Thank you πŸ€—

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