The truth is poetry, or: is it?

A response to Lia

by David ben Alexander

The truth is
I am throbbing
inside of you right now

The truth is
your lips quiver
to my pounding meter

The truth is
you are swollen 
gushing with our verses

The above poem is my take on d’Verse’s ‘a conversation’ prompt.

d’Verse prompted us to look back over the last year; choose a poem that calls to us; and write a response to that.

I selected a poem by my friend Lia- ‘The truth is’ because I love the idea of a poem manifesting itself in a body that can enflame our hottest, fiery passions.

Below is Lia’s poem, which my poem responds to:

The truth is

by Lia

The truth is 
I always want to be with
your poem’s body

The truth is
I always need
the poem inside of me

74 thoughts on “The truth is poetry, or: is it?”

  1. This is good! I’ve read poetry that likes to call itself erotic that is just plain awkward, but this does it in few unadorned words. It’s poetry in motion, if you see what I mean 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jane!

      You know, this kind of poetry isn’t my wheelhouse at all, nor is it something I would have ever thought to write if it hadn’t been for Lia’s poem.

      But – I just LOVED her concept! When I read her poem, I thought – that is so HOT!


  2. Is it just me, or…?

    I love your friend Lia’s poem. What an intense gem. And then your response to it is so visceral, so sense-rich. The poet merges with the poem, inflammatory. I’ve met poems like that. It’s amazing what words can do.

    I nipped over and read George’s as well. This chain could stretch around the world.

  3. Very nice, David. I think I need to try something like this as well. And I had just scheduled my poem for tomorrow from a different inspiration. This makes me want to add another.

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