Laugh, or: Cry

The U.S. President provoked actual riot. 🤦‍♂️
Ev'ry grievance he claimed, they would buy it.
Hordes stormed the halls of Congress,
Hell-bent on making a mess...
Well, I s'pose no one thought he'd go quiet!

84 thoughts on “Laugh, or: Cry”

  1. Sorry I missed this post earlier, David. I found reading your post and the comments interesting. The incident was very distressing and waiting for the inauguration is stressful. I have gotten far behind on my emails. Glad I didn’t miss this one!

    1. 😀

      I really didn’t want to write more about the incident than this – so much has been and will be written about it. I’m somewhat sick of it already. But on the other hand, I just couldn’t let it go by without noting it on my blog somehow!


  2. Well expressed, but it should also serve as a revelation! They succeeded to breach the capitol, because they were WHITE! A racist country will always be opened to be fooled! Trump character was obvious and he just like the rioters were free to act in hatred, rage and against the constitution! When someone tell who they are, believe them! Great poem and point made.

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