84 thoughts on “Laugh, or: Cry”

  1. Ce quasi coup d’état est effrayant, gravissime, il était évident qu’il allait semer le chaos, la terreur, la haine et de voir des partisans si enclins à le suivre… C’est terrible à voir ! Tout coup d’état est abominable à constater, le manque d’intelligence est affligeant, heureusement vous le dites sur un rythme qui refait battre le coeur, merci, bonne nuit

  2. Just worried for my younger family members still living in The District. Most of all, for my estranged uncle, who works for the Capitol Police.

  3. As an American I am ashamed of this President and the actions of his cult of personality. I am terrified that Democracy is in it’s death throes. Yes, we do need to laugh or else dissolve into tears.

    1. Regarding the POTUS’ Twitter and Facebook accounts, some would even argue that it should have been suspended or terminated a long time ago for continually unleashing falsehood, misinformation and mass distrust. Fortunately, he has not (yet) been given free access to software or button(s) with which to launch weapon(s) of mass destruction.

      In any case, those who are fair-minded and discerning are not easily swayed by his constant thrashing around and beating in the bush. Speaking of whether “the president really is a very stable genius”, SoundEagle’s adage is that Trump is a fool’s idea of a genius. In addition, the POTUS has long slid from being a “Law and Order” President to a “Flaw and Border” President.

      I have given a very stern and stark warning about what the end result will be in the final paragraph of my post entitled “Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity” at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2020/12/19/misquotation-pandemic-and-disinformation-polemic-mind-pollution-by-viral-falsity/

      It is all a big mess!

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    1. I don’t know. I would assume that there is some mechanism for doing so, technically speaking, but is there enough political will (especially so close to the end of his term)?

      1. People are talking about the 25th amendment and Pence removing him from office…I don’t know anything about this, but when you look at the damage the guy can do in 1 day I’d say the sooner the better…

            1. It’s sweet that the word ‘bloody’ is considered foul. You can fly over to the USA and shout ‘bloody’ over and over again from the rooftops, and nobody would even blink 🤭

              1. Yeah people in the USA would either look at you funny or just think of you as a funny-speaking and/or cute foreigner. To the extent that they understand the connotation of the word ‘bloody’ at all, it’s from TV and movies… and even then, I am sure most Americans don’t appreciate how rude it actually sounds to British ears.

    1. It’s truly shocking.

      Humans are humans, of course, but in the best case scenarios we build social, political, and religious systems to temper our worst inclinations. In this case, the systems we have did not suffice 😦


        1. A lot of people expected it, but I think many of those were already inclined to see the worst in him because of his positions or/and abrasiveness.

          Naively, it would seem, I believed it wouldn’t come to this.

          He was entitled to petition the courts, and he was entitled to his opinion (even as President)… but there is no line that this riot did not cross. It’s unfathomable how little regard he has for – everything.

  4. I think for the first time, transition is taking such a bad shape. In India, after declaration of results, transition is always smooth, though claims and counterclaims continue, but that is the essential evil of democracy.

  5. He has always been the bully….never thought he would go so far….the sooner he leaves the better for USA…Republicans must be ashamed as well…

    1. Navin,

      One of the sad things about all of this, to my mind, is that Trump actually represented some political ideas that I agree with; and his insanity and megalomania discredit even the good things that he accomplished and stood for. It’s utterly depressing.


      1. David, I understand that…but his psycho behaviour has been stronger than the love for his country….when you balance everything with the scale of “loser or winner”, then it’s difficult to reach far. He didn’t respect the voting process….he called the voters (/ citizens) fraud….he didn’t care of democracy….and now he lead these so called protesters to the Capitol….today he’s shamed everything….his goods are minor compared to his bads/ evils….this my view & I’m not even a US citizen

  6. Wow, I didn’t think they would go that far. It’s sad and ridiculous to see a President behaving like a kid instead of accepting his loss and stepping down with dignity.
    Poignant write!

  7. That is a good comment Introverted Thoughts

    “Wow, I didn’t think they would go that far. It’s sad and ridiculous to see a President behaving like a kid instead of accepting his loss and stepping down with dignity.
    Poignant write!”

  8. Strange and worrying times indeed! Today I read a report in a big UK newspaper from someone who left the UK some years ago and they were complaining about returning to the UK because of the way the UK Prime Minister has treated the British public regarding leaving the EU and so now they were afraid to return to the UK! Strange and worrying perceptions all round!

      1. David, I should have said that the person in the article I read had been living in the USA for many years and was now fearful of returning to the UK!!!! Is that called ‘irony’? Also, you in Israel having 4 rounds of elections in 2 years is just crazy! Change is happening just too quickly! 🙏

        1. yes, it is, and in our case – it’s because the country is divided over whether Prime Minister Netanyahu should stay in office or not – he’s been unable to form a stable coalition for two years now, and we keep on having to return to the ballot box.

  9. As a New Yorker, I knew what and who Trump was. So I am not shocked at all. I am only aghast at his followers and enablers who seem to have succumbed to a mass insanity. This is most decidedly not just “a difference of opinion” as one Republican Congressman said in justificationof his actions.(K)

  10. Well expressed, but it should also serve as a revelation! They succeeded to breach the capitol, because they were WHITE! A racist country will always be opened to be fooled! Trump character was obvious and he just like the rioters were free to act in hatred, rage and against the constitution! When someone tell who they are, believe them! Great poem and point made.

  11. Sorry I missed this post earlier, David. I found reading your post and the comments interesting. The incident was very distressing and waiting for the inauguration is stressful. I have gotten far behind on my emails. Glad I didn’t miss this one!

    1. 😀

      I really didn’t want to write more about the incident than this – so much has been and will be written about it. I’m somewhat sick of it already. But on the other hand, I just couldn’t let it go by without noting it on my blog somehow!


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