Encyclopedia, or: Dictionary

A more than slightly crazy dabbler,
Hair mussed, bedabbled clothes:
   “I am suffering from andabatism!
   So I must call someone who knows!”

He hastily phoned the dabster:
   “I've heard you’re one of the pros!
   Of the dabb; dabchick; daboia-
   Which has the strongest nose?”

The above poem is my take on d’Verse’s Quadrille challenge #119.

The quadrille is simply a poem of 44 words (excluding the title), and it can take any form. This week’s challenge was to use any form of the word “dab” in a quadrille.

53 thoughts on “Encyclopedia, or: Dictionary”

  1. Laughing here. I can picture the dabster – sitting in some smoky bar somewhere, a phone beside him just waiting for your call, ready to pronounce on snouts or what horse to have a dabble on in the fifth at Flemington (or your local race track).

  2. You’ve deftly dabbled in some dictionary words here! You had me reaching for mine at the word ‘andabatism’ – a fun and educational take on the prompt!

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