Object, or: Subject

‘This is not a blog’

A triolet by David ben Alexander

My soulful kaddish glowing bright
My damaged heart behind a screen
Herein, words set my nights alight
My soulful kaddish glowing bright
Reliving love, compelled to write
Heart torn at death so unforeseen
My soulful kaddish glowing bright
My damaged heart behind a screen

The above poem is my take on d’Verse’s ‘Object Poems’ prompt.

d’Verse prompted us to write an ‘Object Poem’, which describes an inanimate object in detail. These poems can center around an every day object, such as a door, a jar, a spoon or something of sentimental value.

Ultimately, object poems will also create a different perspective of the subject, exposing a deeper representation to the reader. The d’Verse prompt encouraged us to focus more on the abstract, as well as to title or begin our poems with “THIS IS NOT A _________”

We were instructed to choose an object, look past the obvious characteristics and uses of this object, and spare our readers the details. Instead, we were prompted to take our audiences to the connections that our selected objects have made with us or what they represent.

As I’ve recently been exploring various forms of poetry, I decided to try my hand at a writing a triolet for this assignment.

73 thoughts on “Object, or: Subject”

  1. Love the Triolet form. This one is very good. “My damaged heart behind a screen” is just perfect.

  2. Love the chant-like quality, evoking the kaddish, its healing preternatural glow reflected in the screen. So brilliant and so movingly expressed. May you be comforted.

  3. had to look kaddish up – an ancient Jewish prayer sequence regularly recited in the synagogue service, including thanksgiving and praise and concluding with a prayer for universal peace.
    a form of the Kaddish recited for the dead.
    Your poem is a lovely kaddish

  4. What a great choice for the prompt. Great use of form as well. It really is more than a blog… it is you heart laid open for all of us to see! Well done!

      1. Yes, they do this particular one is my licorice Allsorts blog where all and saundry lands. The others are more dedicated, such as my photo blog, and my wife’s general blog which she lost interest in, and so I claimed it.

  5. Heart-stirring and beautiful. Also love the “this is not a blog” surrealist-type subtitle. You are a very talented blogger. Always something new and surprising, also with a nice bit of educating and inspiring.

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