Two teeth, or: A reminder

My 6-year-old lost two teeth in one day;
and, as always, she had something to say.
To her father the blogger,
she said: Might this not augur
a sweet poem about me- sans cliché?

Dedicated with love to my precious little daughter, who asked me to write a poem on the occasion of her losing two teeth last Friday and then repeated her request to me again several days later (an hour ago).

35 thoughts on “Two teeth, or: A reminder”

  1. This is precious! Thank you for visiting my blog so I’d know to come over here for a look…I’m a bit awestruck, mesmerized, to be honest. The love and honor you’ve given to your father is beyond beautiful, and frankly puts me to shame. I’m rather ignorant regarding the Jewish faith–though, as a Bible-believing Christian I’ve read the Old Testament numerous times. In the small town where I spent most of my childhood there was only one Jewish family–I visited the daughter who was my age, but our families didn’t socialize. Recently I “attended” an online Shabbat service for the first time. So, anyway…I enjoyed my visit here, and your poetry is marvelous–thank you again, blessings to you and your family in this New Year.

    1. Jael, it’s so nice to meet you 🙂

      Thank you for your kind comment.

      It’s an interesting thing – modern Judaism is very, very different than what we once had, as described in the Pentateuch, and even in the ‘Tanakh’ (i.e. Jewish Bible = Torah, Prophets, Writings). That’s because today’s Judaism is technically “rabbinic” Judaism. Most of out traditions were developed and expounded upon by generations of rabbis and their communities. The ‘kaddish’ is the perfect example of that – it only became a mainstream practice in medieval times!

      Out of curiosity, how do you pronounce your first name? In Hebrew, we have an equivalent, which is spelled with and pronounced with a ‘Y’Ya-el.


      1. Hi David–Jael is a pseudonym, borrowed from the Jael in the Bible who dispatched an enemy by pounding a tent peg through his head…I won’t elaborate on my choice😉

        The Shabbat service I viewed was part of the Messianic Jews’ connection to my online church (Gateway Church, Southlake, TX).

        You’re probably familiar with the author, Jonathan Cahn–his books are quite interesting. The Book of Mysteries is one I’m still wading through.

        It is very nice to meet you, as well💖

        1. Yep – ‘Ya-el’ is the way we pronounce that same Biblical name 🙂

          Remind me to stay on your good side… or at least to stay away from tent pegs!


          1. Hahahahahahahaha–thank you for that, you’ve brightened my night! See you ’round–no tent pegs😊

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