Looping perpetually, or: Perpetually looping

A ‘Palindrome Poem’

Death begets darkness
Dimming skies above flutter
Essence of shades
Swirls through existence
Observes life
Emerging budding gushing
Teeming multitudes of energies
Inspiration begets
Begets Inspiration
Energies of multitudes teeming
Gushing budding emerging
Life observes
Existence through swirls
Shades of essence
Flutter above skies dimming
Darkness begets death

The above poem is my take on d’Verse’s ‘connections’ prompt.

d’Verse prompted us to think about connecting or connections—in any sense. It could be connecting ideas, connecting historical moments, or your own connections with people, places, nature, or art. Also, to think about how we are connecting words, phrases, lines, and ideas in our poems.

This prompt brought to my mind and inspired me to write my first ‘Palindrome Poem’.

71 thoughts on “Looping perpetually, or: Perpetually looping”

  1. This is really well done. I would imagine it’s tricky to write a poem that works in both directions, and yours does a great job of that.

  2. Such a well composed poem. Wow, a palindrome sounds like some kind of obscure disease. 🤣 I’ve read four of them now, so it shouldn’t❤️🤣🤣❤️👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Your lively poem made me think about how much energy swirls around us, even if unseen.
    Fine job, David.

    “Inspiration begets
    Begets Inspiration”

  4. A most gorgeous Palindrome! 💝💝 I love how skillfully you have woven the connection between the “begets,” the poem flows so naturally that it sings 😀 Kudos! 😍👏👏

  5. I like the mirroring of the two parts, David, the biblical ‘begets’, and the way your poem pivots on ‘being’. A skillful palindrome!

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