“…Two minutes of silence”

Suzette often posts quotes that I connect with, but certainly some more than others. This quote from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (whom I hadn’t known of) really speaks to me.

In fact, I recently wrote a micropoem about the special silence of the night, which I have scheduled to be published on my Twitter account tomorrow.

It goes like this:

Envelopes night's stillness
Buzzes air stone pump
Empties mind of distractions
Come words in their correct
Order only
at night
the keyboard

Such lovely
Lovely silence ~aloneness

Hides moon behind cloud
Understands poetry



38 thoughts on ““…Two minutes of silence””

  1. To me, early morning, before dawn, is this place. That’s when the city is most still, waiting to be awakened by the birds. (K)

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