Drool away, or: Languid shadow

My first attempt at ‘Magnetic Poetry’

I just recently discovered the ‘Magnetic Poetry’ website via Kerfe and Jane, and I thought I would give it a go. I opted for the ‘original kit’… Honestly, I am not sure how I feel about the result, but this exercise, by its nature, is very limiting. Next time, I may go for a different kit – the words provided me this time didn’t much spark my imagination.

The one rule I set for myself was to make use of every single word I was given.

if these lazy wax girls of summer fluff
            drool away in raw boy honey language
            by languid shadow at a TV life to want so
she is his music not but one pound puppy to you

59 thoughts on “Drool away, or: Languid shadow”

  1. I see what you’re saying that if you try to force using all words, then it does look…funky. Made me LOL though. 🙂 Thanks, Ben. Will try it one of these days.

  2. First time I tried I too wanted to use all the words, and was not successful at all. For now I would just pick some and try to get something out of it I think 🙂

  3. “if these lazy wax girls of summer fluff drool away in raw boy honey language”
    These lines are visually striking, humorous, and enjoyable to read. I found myself rereading them multiple times!

    1. Andrew,

      Well, I realized after the fact that I did it wrong – Kerfe explained it to me afterwards: there are actually more words available (if you push a button to see them), and he and Jane don’t use all of the words they are provided… so today I will give it another go, allowing myself some reasonable flexibility.


  4. I had a set on my filing cabinet at work – I’d put together a poem and by the end of the day it had been altered – sometimes for the better but usually it turned bawdy. I just couldn’t trust my coworkers to leave it alone!

  5. I feel there is an essence of truth within your arrangement of these words. It’s ridiculously cute …

    I like the idea of deed not creed, the Dalai Lama says “his religion is kindness” … they are saying the same thing with different words and our world would be a better place if we live by them!

    1. ridiculously cute

      I’ll take that compliment, Kate 😁

      And, yes, I agree with what you wrote about the world being a better place if we were to live according to such guidance.


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