Breasts beneath, or: Dream symphony

My second attempt at ‘Magnetic Poetry’

I discovered the ‘Magnetic Poetry’ website via Kerfe and Jane, and it intrigued me. Honestly, I am still not entirely sure how I feel about this, but this 2nd poem (below) pleases me more than my 1st attempt.

For this, my 2nd poem, I decided to do away with the rule that I had arbitrarily set for myself last time, which was to make use of every single word I was given. Instead, I took Kerfe’s and Jane’s advice and cycled through the available word magnets, selecting only those that called out to my poetic muses.

beating heaving breasts beneath
enormous purple moon we trudge together
and scream through the blue mist
drunk on blood and death
                                                  shadows whisper in dream symphony
                                                  like wind of a thousand bitter moans
                                                  storming above still diamond waters
                                                  of rocky black sea love

45 thoughts on “Breasts beneath, or: Dream symphony”

  1. I think you used the words really quite beautifully & have put together a lovely piece. I really like each line to be honest, I saw beauty in all of it 😊🌹

      1. I tried but the website didn’t work in my browsers. I could see the words but when I clicked them nothing happened. :))

          1. I will leave it to you David. :)) Though I was a bit p’o’d since I was clicking away thinking I’d made something brilliant but alas nothing was registered/saved. ;)) 😂

          2. Ah ok. Just wrote/typed them down outside the app/web page? Got it. Guess I was a bit lazy in that moment! 😂

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