56 thoughts on “Wild naked poetry dance, or: Rhythm”

  1. Ferocious wet sex, this made me giggle…🤭🙈🙊 Not sure why. I like it, cool read. Like your efforts 😊🌹

  2. Ace! Whenever I (used to) go to someone’s house and discover a set of magnetic words/letters on the fridge door I cannot resist!

    1. Thanks!

      You know, I’m rather boring by nature, Nick… until I saw this exercise on other poets’ websites, it didn’t even occur to me to make poetry out of the magnets… I always used to try to make actual sentences out of such magnets whenever I came across them… only last week did I attempt to write poems with ’em 😀


      1. 🙂 A friend of mine used to have these large colourful plastic fronted magnetic letters on their fridge for their kids’ amusement/alphabet education and I couldn’t ever resist – much to the little ‘uns chagrin! “Mum! He’s messing with my toys! Eurrgh!” 🙂 Nick.

  3. I did have a go at this magnet poetry. I felt there were a lot of nouns and adjectives and very few verbs. I discovered I really like verbs. Funny because I am preternaturally lazy.

  4. A fun read that is making me look forward to my morning cup of joe, but I think it might disappoint after learning of this delicious dark magic poison. I will just need to use my imagination! ☕

  5. That’s some coffee blush Ben! Loved it. You’re inspiring me to experiment with magnetic poetry …so fun! So..you have to use all the words?

      1. Ah…Thanks David for letting me know. I like the possibilities. And I shall try right away 🙂

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