Zombie, or: Brainchild

‘Let’s have fun, guys!’ – a d’Verse poetics prompt

Think, think
Lost in thought I
Distractedly pluck
A button

From my mind
Pop it into my mouth
Chew it pensively
As more sprout

From my brain
Pushing out of
My twisting sulci
They spread

Above my gyri
King oysters proliferate
I gather them all with

Through my cranium
Noticing orange

Of the woods
And shaggy lion's manes
Pushing through my ear

As puffballs
Balloon out across
My scalp and forehead
My beard

Full of black
Trumpets and wood
Blewits spreading up
My tender cheeks

My eyeballs
Bursting with huge
Portobellos extending
Over my face

Frustrated I
Sigh shiitake! Well, 
At least they are all


At d’Verse, we were asked to have some fun with fungi, as the starting point for our poems.

And… I can honestly say that I had fun… and I am a guy.

35 thoughts on “Zombie, or: Brainchild”

  1. This was a fun read, David, including your last sentence. Your poem reminded me of the movie, “Fantastic Fungi.” An interesting movie. Check it out and make it a week of fungi! 😆

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