Still here, or: ‘Brown’

steady, solid, here
I am always here 
always here
for you here
for your arms 
for your backside 
for your back to rest
rest upon me now
rest your weary legs
rest against me; the
rest are flashy, true, still
true I am always
true inside, always
true outdoors, always
true, I am dull, but still
still, unmoving, reliable
still your beating heart
still your breath, your mind
still here, still
I am still here
I am still
I am dull
I am still

The above poem is my take on d’Verse’s ‘True Colours’ prompt.

The writing challenge: To take the perspective of a color in our poems: maybe the vibe and personality of each color is just as we have perceived it. Maybe not. So… let’s leave reality for awhile, slip out of our human bodies and become nothing but a color.

I have always had a fondness for dark, dull colors, and my poem above was written from the perspective of the color brown.

61 thoughts on “Still here, or: ‘Brown’”

  1. Very very interesting approach!!!!! I like it. I think yours really answers the request to write it “from the colour’s perspective”. I really struggled with that – with colour having a view. But you have done it very well. You have given it voice and character and perspective. So well done.

    1. Thanks – I also found that challenging, and that was one of the reasons I opted for a color that I personally perceive in a very specific way – so that it wouldn’t be complicated for me to write a poem about!


  2. I relate to your fondness for darkness, the reason I loved caving!

    Brown and steady would describe you well David … my school uniform was dark brown so I tend to avoid it 🙂

  3. fascinating challenge and work; I have always thought synaesthesia is a scarcely hidden ability in all of us, if we allow ourselves to sound a bit mad –

      1. done and read; wow – beautiful, rich. I have to force myself to stay grounded in my present work – a nonfiction book proposal finally worth the name – but quick read of yours is balm not only for my eyes

  4. I sighed at “true, I am dull, but still
    still, unmoving, reliable”
    Aw this is so touching! You have a way with words, my friend. This was amazing! Brown really feels like this to me now.

  5. What an interesting perspective! I thought you were describing the brown all around us on the earth and the earth itself, with varied shades of brown. Well done David!

  6. Brown is such a comforting, reliable color. You really captured that here and I like the steady, calming, repetitive voice you gave him. (her)

  7. Ben,
    What a study in brown or shall I say, you put me in a brown study! Contemplation, stillness, the steadiness of brown. You capture its essence.

  8. An underrated color, most definitely. The earth beneath our feet, that nourishes life. The predominant color of eyes, that take in life. Interesting poem. 🤎

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