33 thoughts on “Unable are the Loved to die”

  1. Those are such beautiful lines, and as I read and reread the meaning conveys more and more clearly to me.
    And I recalled one of her poems which I read in my school textbook, and which has been etched into my memory ever since – Success is counted sweetest, by those who ne’er succeed…

      1. I just reread what I wrote. Ingrid is one of my favorites too, and you. 😄
        Pronouns can cause confusion, but in this instance it works.
        Multitasking while participating in writers’ conference. haha

    1. What a coincidence, Ingrid 🙂

      I remember reading that book as a teenager – I have no idea how it ended up on my bookshelf at home back then, but I remember being deeply impressed even then.


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