Wind, or: Sun

A ‘Magnetic Poem’ haiku

Wanna try? Click here.

winter wind rustles
full freshly frosted flower
in the soon spring sun


  • I am still sticking with the ‘Nature Poet’ virtual magnet set and with the haiku form because I remain uncomfortable with these;
  • Having said that, this particular haiku came together fairly quickly for me (well, relatively);
  • It seems (although I could be mistaken) that the magnets available in each virtual set remain the same every week…

31 thoughts on “Wind, or: Sun”

  1. I like this haiku. And I think I will give the magnetic poem a try. It looks interesting. Thank you for the tips.

    But we don’t have to use all of the words provided, right? Or is it the challenge is to use up all of those words?

    1. Erlyn, the only rules are those that you set for yourself. The first time I played with this, I didn’t realize that there was a button at the bottom right, which allows you to cycle through all of the magnets in the set.

      I decided that first time to use all of the magnets on my screen, but I wasn’t very satisfied with the result. After that, I decided to only use those magnets that “spoke” to me, and I began cycling through all of the available magnets for a broader range of word options. I’ve been fairly happy with my Magnetic Poems since then 🙂


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