Green, Brown, or: Blue

A ‘Magnetic Poem’ haiku

Wanna try? Click here.

green moss river winds
over earthly ancient brown
for bright breezy blue


  • For this poem, I stuck with the ‘Nature Poet’ virtual magnet set and with the haiku form again because they are outside of my wheelhouse;
  • Still, having said that, this is definitely getting easier for me;
  • Also, if the virtual magnets do remain the same every week, I might switch to another set and/or form… we’ll see.

42 thoughts on “Green, Brown, or: Blue”

  1. I love haiku – it has the rhythm of breathing to me…
    Sanctuary wild
    Must follow through cold fresh breeze
    Vivid rose has rest

  2. I especially like the first line. I’m trying to do some greenish paintings (not too successfully so far) and that’s just the feeling I’m looking for. (K)

  3. Beautiful David, really nice haiku. “Over early ancient brown” gorgeous πŸ™‚πŸŒΉ

  4. I love the layering going on in this poem. Each line has a distinctly different mood, that overall, has a pleasant rhythmic sound.

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