Digital love dungeon, or: Sexy girl games

A ‘Magnetic Poem’ tanka

Wanna try? Click here.

they uploaded her
to digital love dungeon
from native planet
to play sexy girl games
but she was not humanoid


  • I decided to take a [temporary] departure from the ‘Nature Set’ of virtual magnets because the words were beginning to feel stale; I selected the ‘Geek Set’ instead;
    • I had thought that this would be easier, but I was wrong;
    • Writing something that sounded poetic with the ‘Geek Set’ was challenging, despite my strong affinity for Dungeons & Dragons and science fiction;
  • I once again opted for a tanka, rather than a haiku, because I enjoyed the challenge last time;
    • Tanka traditionally have a ‘turn’ in the 3rd line, but I didn’t include one in the poem because I couldn’t put together one that flowed well;
  • This tanka was inspired by the image of the flying saucer and cow above; from there, it quickly became silly;
  • The shape of the poem itself is intended to resemble a flying saucer and light beam coming down from it,
    • Actually, I just realized that I’m missing a syllable in the 4th line, which means that this isn’t exactly a tanka… but the shape of the poem works for me ๐Ÿ‘ฝ

51 thoughts on “Digital love dungeon, or: Sexy girl games”

      1. Mostly! It’s called the Alien Abduction Lamp. I’ve seen knockoffs but mine is an original, still in box (cause my house is a disaster and it deserves better).

        I also have a box of magnetic poetry magnets somewhere. I like the idea of the website but it doesn’t like my phone.

  1. You inspire me to do a tanka now. This verse is so millennial, so hep and happening.
    Love the mind blowing idea. Itโ€™s simply fantastic.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking, if this were to mirror the real world of gaming. Also that they removed her humanity, making it easier to upload her to their dungeons and play sexy games with her….

      1. Yes, it sometimes seems like a woman stripped of her personality, humanity and (probably most importantly) her opinions makes the perfect sex object!

        1. Wow. That’s it exactly. Perfectly said! And when we hold back our opinions, as women… which is definitely more easy than stating them, when faced with society, particularly its most opinionated representatives… we nonetheless are partly guilty!

          1. Unfortunately yes. I see far too much objectifying of women for my own comfort and you may call me a feminist, it isnโ€™t a dirty word to me, Iโ€™m just sad that I have to be, because weโ€™re a long way off equality right now.

          2. I identify as a feminist – I don’t consider it a dirty word. To me, it simply means that people, regardless of gender, should be afforded equal opportunities, based upon their abilities. Really, for me at least, it’s more “humanist” than “feminist”, but that’s what I mean by it.

          3. I must add that I donโ€™t blame either men or women for this situation, itโ€™s more a symptom of our throwaway society.

          4. Well, there’s a lot of history and biology behind it, obviously, but that doesn’t mean that things shouldn’t be changing for the better in our modern world.

      2. For what it’s worth, Lia (not that I disagree with your point of view, mind you), I meant that the cow, which the aliens had “uploaded” was not humanoid ๐Ÿ„


        1. I know David, I am sorry I didn’t notice the image till after! This kind of objectification is happening online though, particularly in certain video games, which I have seen firsthand. Sorry I took it a bit seriously. :)) Hugs and thanks for being so awesome. :))

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