Poet dude, or: Symbol

A ‘Magnetic Poem’ tanka

Wanna try? Click here.

masculine mouth smiles
 that smooth sensuous mustache
 more symbol than style
 sexy face a mystery
 poet dude's alluring ode


  • Last time, I attempted to write a poem with the ‘Geek Set’ for the first time; and for this poem, I decided to try out the ‘Mustache Set’;
    • I had thought that the ‘Geek Set’ would be easier than the ‘Nature Set’, but – oh boy – was I mistaken about that;
    • And – just now – I discovered that using the ‘Mustache Set’ is even more difficult;
  • I again opted for a tanka, rather than a haiku;
    • Tanka traditionally have a ‘turn’ in the 3rd line, but I didn’t include one in this poem because it turned out to be too much of a challenge for me;
    • In fact, putting together any mustache-themed words at all that sounded anything like a poem was not easy;
  • I searched for a photograph of this particular model smiling (as the poet does in the tanka), but I couldn’t… so I opted for a pensive pose of his instead, which, I decided, is what he looks like when he writes poetry πŸ§”

54 thoughts on “Poet dude, or: Symbol”

  1. I think you might be the only one that noticed that you missed the 3rd line. I like it and it resembles you in your pic with your smile stash and alluring poetry! bravo and congrats on 1,500 followers! πŸ€œβ€οΈπŸ€›

  2. Those magnets are nothing to smile about, they are tough! Your poem came out rather well too, considering the very challenging topic.
    Last time I tried that set I too had a look like that, maybe one with a lot more pensive and despair filled expression.

      1. David I thought it hilarious too, till I tried. I am just back after 15 minutes of frustration with the mustache set and lots of respect for your skills πŸ˜ƒ

    1. *laughing*

      I think that’s it, precisely, Danial!
      Unfortunately, the limited magnets I was offered did not allow me to include anything related to Leonardo da Vinci… but if it had been possible, that would surely would have been the next stanza!


    1. That is where my poetic prowess comes from, Nick! πŸ€ͺ

      I’m like Sampson, only instead of physical strength, my special ability manifests in cleverly manipulating virtual poetry magnets!


  3. That was fascinating David, and that you were able to abide by the rules and yet, paint a poetic picture (mustache and all) is inspiring! You are good at this!

  4. Oh, you silly man! I should know by now not to read poetry in class while quietly waiting for my students to complete an assignment. It was just that word–dude! And my poor students wondering, “What is the teacher laughing about this time???”

  5. Any poem that praises mustaches has a head start with me! A mustache is about the only thing my two husbands had in common! Nicely done, David! Love the photo. ❀ Robert is cleanshaven, but I love him anyway! All the best!

  6. A mustache set? That is hilarious. What will the magnetic makers think of next?
    I am not convinced a mustache is smooth, but your poem about the subject is. πŸ§”

          1. Quintessential stache! It is a smooth one. Not everyone sporting a hairy upper lip, has his style and finesse. May he (and his mustache) rest in peace. 🎢 πŸ’—

              1. I see your point. To beard or not to beard? πŸ€” Relationships have their share of compromises. Hopefully, it never involves less kisses. πŸ’

  7. Poet dude…I’ve known a few of those. I love the way the two words sound together anyway.
    Geek and Mustache are definitely the hardest sets for me. (K)

  8. This is the cutest thing ever. The verbiage is phenomenal, but the presentation is just so adorable to me for some reason.
    I look forward to more πŸ₯°

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