Love deep, or: Twirling

My first diatelle

want to
Nay, need to
Must- simply must
Express love deep for you
Aroused by the depths of our trust
‘Tween ashes and ashes; ‘tween dust and dust
Souls float together above the ground and the sky
We spiraling-twirling through gale and gust
Flowing on respect true and lust
One another - pursue
Together - thrust
As birds do
We two

I love trying out new forms of poetry, and I just discovered the diatelle form via Linda’s lovely poem ‘Rain’, which you absolutely should read for its vivid imagery and flow. I am so appreciative of d’Verse for introducing me to so many fantastic and supportive poets.

42 thoughts on “Love deep, or: Twirling”

  1. I just read another comment that says that on the front-end of your blog (not reader view) it looks like a diamond – but I have to say I loved it exactly as it shows in reader – left aligned – it was like a bird’s wing, or flight formation, sailing outward from the heart… I adored this poem!!

  2. Lovely poem. 💖 You are also talented with technology – maintaining the poem’s structure in WP, best viewed directly on your site, vs. Reader. You should do a post on how to do that. 😉
    I enjoy creating poems that follow a structure. For me, it is usually the poem that dictates a certain structure, leaving me surprised by what shows up. I have included several structured poems in my collections, but not on my blog. Nice work, David. 😀

    1. Michele – TBH, there was nothing to it at all. I simply centered the poem, and it looked like a diamond! I didn’t do anything fancy with it the slightest!

      Thank you so much ❤


      1. Cool! I wish Reader would maintain our efforts. When I looked at your poem in Reader, it is flushed left, but on your website, I can see your centered version. You should still do a post – you have other technical and blog presentation skills. 👏

  3. A deep and emotional expression of all the aspects of love. So many dimensions swirling around the core. Solid and yet always new. (K)

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