Star fire, or: Source code dragon

A ‘Magnetic Poem’ tanka

Wanna try? Click here.

create your content
interface with the source code
dragon within you
through her living loving flames
the star fire streams out of you


  • I decided to once again employ the ‘Geek Set’ of magnets for this poem;
    • Last week, I was surprised by how difficult the use of this set was for me;
    • This week, I knew what I was getting myself into, but constructing a geeky poem still remained a challenge for me;
  • I once again opted for a tanka, rather than a haiku, because I have been enjoying this extra level of complexity;
    • Tanka traditionally have a ‘turn’ in the 3rd line; and, in this poem, I actually managed to cobble together a ‘turn’ that worked;
  • The featured image was selected after I’d written the poem 🐉;
  • The colors I assigned to the tanka’s text are those of a flame;
    • Blue at the base of the flame; a small dark orange-brown section above that; and above that the large yellow region.

40 thoughts on “Star fire, or: Source code dragon”

      1. Nothing to be embarrassed about, David, but one of the main characters there is a lady who breeds dragons and also has a sort of a veterinarian clinic for them. Pratchett’s Discworld is very sharp satire delivered in a delightfully whimsical manner.

        1. I’m embarrassed in the sense that many in my social group did read those books, and I was well aware of them, but I just never picked them up… but they were books that I would have loved – I just never got around to reading them.


          1. Shows you how much I know. My son, who is older than you by quite a bit, missed it. I don’t even know whether it had existed then. Our adapted son went harrypottering, and I with him. Now the grandkids are all harrypottering, other than the oldest (that’s the bilogical one) who is reading Remarque in French because she doesn’t know German and claims that the French translation is better than the English one. Go figure!

  1. what fun to play with dragons and fire (I’m a water dragon in Chinese astrology – less likely to burn!!) Even so a difficult set of words to make poetry with so bravo with the Tanka , the turn and especially that last line

  2. And here was I, born in the year of the dragon. And was always fascinated by them. Although, to be fair, it was the Welsh who embraced their dragon. Something to do with their code perhaps. Makes me wonder, is there something in the shared and inherited cultural experience of a people that binds them more to one creature than another? … Sorry, David, thoughts are wandering.

    1. It’s a very interesting question, actually, George. The symbol of Judah, and now of modern Jerusalem is the Lion, and the symbol of the modern State of Israel is the Israeli gazelle… but I don’t feel particularly gazelle-like or lion-like 🤷‍♂️

      1. Nor I. I lack the swiftness of the gazelle, the ferocity of the lion, which is also a symbol of royalty in Scotland. And while I am deeply drawn to the dragon, the only thing I might share in common with it is a desire to hide myself away, to ponder from a distance.

          1. Ha! Being a teacher, I never expected to acquire anything like a monetary treasure, either. The only existent treasure I have ever held close to my heart–beyond family, of course–has been my library, which I can see secreting away in a cave until the time has come to leave it to my children. Nowadays, I find it impossible to imagine any of my children will welcome a huge collection of printed books. If they desire to read at all, it will likely be on an electronic device. So chances are, my treasure will decay with me in my stony cave somewhere in the Highlands. … Oh, dear, a bit dark, George!

  3. Another very interesting set David! And along with the poem, what is also very interesting is your thought process and reasoning, like regarding the color selection to depict the 🔥

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