Poem, or: Poet

‘Verse epistle’ – a d’Verse prompt

Oh, Poet, Dear, I feel thou there, near
Crafting mine every rhyming word
Wondering, dost thou write me for thyself
That thou shan't expire unheard?

Oh, foolish, thou of foolish thoughts
Neither thine eyes nor lies canst make real
Though thou wouldst forge in me eternity
Thy breaths, no less, I'll steal

Oh, stop, poor sop, stop honing sounds
Through verses these- thou shan't live life
Rather, it's best thou let'st my three rest-
For thy daughter dear and wife

Today’s d’Verse prompt was to write a ‘verse epistle.

The ‘verse epistle’ is simple to define – it is no more than a letter in verse form but its flexibility makes it difficult to encapsulate.

40 thoughts on “Poem, or: Poet”

    1. Thanks so much, Michele ❤

      I love trying out new [for me] forms and concepts – it makes poetry writing interesting!

      I'm glad you enjoyed this 😀


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