Pounding, or: Tapping

My first seguidilla

Sitting on hard chair I hear
turbulent loud wind;
nothing for it, but to heed
tough forceful pounding;
Tapping upon keys,
imagination now thin;
versing? Such folly.

a d’Verse prompt

The Seguidilla began as a popular dance song of Spain. The verse form was established and branched into variations by the 17th century. It has an alternating long short rhythm. The Seguidilla is:

  • stanzaic, written in any number of 2 part septets. (7 lines);
  • syllabic, 7-5-7-5 : 5-7-5 per line. There is a slight pause between L4 and L5 suggesting L4 should be end-stopped;
  • rhymed by assonance xAxABxB or xAxABAB. x being unrhymed. True rhyme is generally not used;
  • composed with a volta or change in thought between L4 and L5;
  • sometimes serves as a conclusion for another verse.

57 thoughts on “Pounding, or: Tapping”

  1. I so love the contrast of pounding winds with the gentle tapping of keys! This is brilliant, David! 🙂

  2. Pounding sounds ominous; tapping sounds productive. No doubt versing is impacted by pounding!!

  3. You got the syllabic count with the form as well as the volta (or change of thought) in Line 5. I heard that violent wind over the weekend with the change in seasons. Thanks for joining in.

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