Twitter poetry 2021: Week 10

My blogger-poet-friend Ingrid inspired me to create a Twitter account and start writing #APoemADay, which I began on January 1, 2021. Since beginning this daily challenge, I have been scheduling my Saturday poems on Twitter because I don’t blog on Shabbas.

It’s odd, then, that it was only today that it suddenly struck me that I could also post poems on WordPress in the same manner. And so – even as I’ll be offline for 25 hours, I will be scheduling two poems to be posted here at ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ – on Saturday at 2:00 AM and 2:00 PM [GMT+2:00]. I do hope you enjoy them!

Below is my 10th week of Twitter poems:

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem,

19 thoughts on “Twitter poetry 2021: Week 10”

      1. Ingrid is a specialist in Twittering David. She encouraged me to become a Twitterer shortly after she joined but I got lost in the fog. Have you ever felt like a lost bird in a fog? Not nice…..

        1. Don,

          Yeah, I was never into Twitter at all – I only created this account in order to do the “poem a day” challenge that Ingrid came up with!

          I’ve been a fog before, so I know what being a lost human being in a fog feels like!


    1. Ren ~

      Of course!

      Ingrid is @experimentsinfc on Twitter – you can tag her and also use the #APoemADay hashtag – and Ingrid will re-Tweet all of your poems! Anyone can join us ❤


  1. Keep up the good work David! I accidentally published mine yesterday and tried to republish today but my post won’t show up on WP reader 😬

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