Caressed, or: Suppressed

sprouts caressed by sun
earth soft, warm, fertile, luscious
air pregnant, thick, full
abundant, teeming, laden
stuffed nostrils, nose suffering

Shabbat shalom!

I have scheduled this tanka to be published while I am offline for Shabbat -enjoy!

36 thoughts on “Caressed, or: Suppressed”

        1. Plakshi, I’m over here in Israel 🇮🇱

          Feel free to call me David. In Hebrew, the word ‘ben’ means ‘son of’. So I am David ‘ben’ Alexander.


          1. That’s really interesting. In many South Indian cultures as well people don’t have surnames but they take their father’s first name as their last name or often add son to their father’s name to create their own last name. Thanks for clarifying David!

          2. It’s not really my last name – it’s just the pen name that I use for writing. My last name is ‘Bogomolny’, which means ‘he who prays to God’ in Russian 🙂

    1. me too – but at such a price. I think I’m going to speak to my dr about getting serious medication for next Spring.

      have you found anything that helps you, Filipa?


      1. Ohh! right.

        Poets use each word in a different new meaning. And I find it amazing.

        Can you tell me 4-5 words which you use and why?

        1. I’m not sure what you mean, Lokesh – I use different words in different poems… If you have a question about any specific words, I’d be happy to answer


  1. Ha! I’m already using up far too much Kleenex! I’ve bad allergies during Spring and Autumn. I can relate to this!

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