64 thoughts on “The opposite of life”

        1. Ok, as I recall, he was not at all a Marxist, which was why he was thrown out of the 2nd (?) International, and he advocated long-range planning (his ‘war of position’) in preparation for the next big opportunity to make a change in society. He wrote (Prison Letters) that the middle classes align themselves with the elites to maintain the hegemony of the topmost upper classes, and that education was needed to help the working and middle classes see and avoid this self-exploitation. He did not agree with the idea of violent revolution, so other Communists pretty much rejected him, but he was certainly Socialist and I believe also very communalist. For anything more, I’d have to go back and re-read his works. But yes, in as much as I recall here, my views align fairly well with the little bit I recall of his views.

        2. Shira ~ thank you for sharing this ~ it’s very interesting, and, as I wrote before, I knew nothing about him at all. This is educational for me, which I greatly appreciate 🙂

          Also, your comments did not ‘disappear’ – I was asleep (super tired) so I couldn’t approve them until now when I woke up)!


        3. D’oh! Sorry, David! That’s what I get for replying to comments when I ought to be resting, too!
          I hope that you slept well, and I am super glad to be of service in the sharing of information with you!
          Your appreciation is very much appreciated! 🙂

          Chodesh Tov,

  1. Words to live by. 💖 Everyone should read his book, Night. The world would be a better place.
    There is a line in the song, “Stubborn Love,” by The Lumineers, that borrows the same message, “The opposite of love’s indifference.” 💕

    1. Yeah – nothing is really anything unless you care about it. My Papa used to say that things are only worth as much as you are willing to give up for them.


  2. This resonates so much with where I live, in India. I love the place and it’s people but the indifference can wind me up. Stephen

      1. Only the disunited kingdom now known as ‘Coventry’ which frankly is full of idiots but keep it to yourself. Clearly I’m an expert on places I’ve lived and assume that people are perfect everywhere else.

        1. English humour, of course. My background, having worked in all sectors in U.K. with an interest in people’s behaviour and engaging them only to realise as I reach my mid 60s I have absolutely no idea Understanding of people’s behaviour. S

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